Black Diamond Award for Galileo’s top LNG fuel project

Black Diamond Award

Black Diamond Award for Galileo’s top LNG fuel project

Buquebus has been honored with the annual Black Diamond Award. This award is given to the top LNG fuel project to advance technology, open new markets, and achieve the smoothest execution considering the degree of difficulty.

The awarding was held during the last edition of the World LNG Fuels conference, which took place on January 21-23, 2013, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston, TX, USA. The event is the largest and oldest conference to focus on advancing markets for LNG as transportation fuel and its award is given for achieving the highest standards across four criteria: a) technological innovation, b) project execution, c) market impact and d) risk taken.

“We are very pleased with this reognition given to Buquebus, since we are deeply involved with their project by being the developers of the seven Cryobox® Nano LNG-Stations that will supply the LNG for its Francisco high speed Ro-Ro ship,” says Osvaldo del Campo, Galileo´s CEO.

These Galileo’s state-of-the-art liquefiers will supply the 66 tons per day (ton/day) of LNG required by for the Francisco´s two daily frequencies between Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, which involves the transport of up to 1,000 passengers and 150 cars at cruising speeds around 50 knots.

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