Galileo CEO Visits U.S.

Galileo For The U.S.

Galileo CEO Visits U.S.

With the rising awareness that alternative fuel solutions are needed to help sustain our planet, it is encouraging to see the leader in CNG Compression Systems visit the United States. Osvaldo Del Campo, CEO for Galileo Natural Gas Technologies, is currently visiting the United States to check-in on a ground breaking installation of Galileo products.

While here Mr. Del Campo will be visiting Riverside California, where Sempra Utilities and Clean Fuel Connection are well into the construction of a state-of-the-art CNG Station that is powered by Galileo’s ground breaking Microbox® technology. This technology is the same CNG technology found in Argentina, Europe and Asia, the countries leading the way in compressed natural gas.

We will feature a full story on this Riverside CNG Station and Mr. Campo’s visit. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to stay up to date with Clean Fuel Connection, your alternative energy source.

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CFC Clean Fuel Connection is leading the charge in alternative fuels with strong support in the electric vehicle and compressed natural gas industries. We have been consulting, installing and distributing ev chargers since 1999 for cities, businesses and home owners. We are also a leader in CNG products, installation and consulting. We are the exclusive dealer of Galileo natural gas products in the United States. For more information on our services please visit the Clean Fuel Connection website.

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