SoCalGas Brings Galileo CNG Refuelling Microbox to USA with Clean Fuel Connection

Clean Fuel Connection & Galileo CNG

SoCalGas Brings Galileo CNG Refuelling Microbox to USA with Clean Fuel Connection

Riverside California CNG Station

“CNG station in a Box”

For the past 30 years Galileo has been changing the way people around the world think about CNG refueling. Now, Galileo’s innovative fueling system is available in the United States. The Galileo station at 3096 Cottage Avenue in Riverside, California provides a side by side comparison of old vs. new technology.  The new station provides over 4 times the flow of the old station with the same inlet pressure and power.

Old System New System
Flow: 153 SCFM Flow: 613 SCFM
6 large storage bottles take up space Buffer storage included inside cabinet
No monitoring system Sophisticated remote monitoring alert system
Over 200db Aproximately 75db

Galileo’s Enersave system reduces operating costs by controlling energy use.  The smart software controls the variable speed motor to avoid electrical demand peaks and even “learns” the compressor’s daily duty cycle to anticipate fueling needs.

The natural gas is cooled at each stage of the compression cycle.  The cooled gas goes directly to the dispenser, and provides a full “fill” regardless of ambient temperature.

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CFC Clean Fuel Connection is leading the charge in alternative fuels with strong support in the electric vehicle and compressed natural gas industries. We have been consulting, installing and distributing ev chargers since 1999 for cities, businesses and home owners. We are also a leader in CNG products, installation and consulting. We are the exclusive dealer of Galileo natural gas products in the United States. For more information on our services please visit the Clean Fuel Connection website.

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