Charging Stations Await Cars

Chargepoint in New York

Charging Stations Await Cars


WHEN Kinne Yon, a developer, and her brother Neal Sigety were planning an environmentally friendly rental tower at 1510 Lexington Avenue a few years ago, they incorporated a charging station forelectric cars — even though there were few, if any, plug-in models available at the time.

A car charges up at a Seward Park Cooperative parking lot.

Photo: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

“We don’t get paid anything extra to have it in the garage,” Ms. Yon said, “but we think it’s kind of in keeping with going green, and in the future, more cars will be electric cars,” Ms. Yon said. The garage at 1510 Lex, as the building is known, also includes priority parking spaces for hybrid and electric cars.

Over the last two years, Manhattan has gone from having a mere handful of public charging stations for electric vehicles to having more than 50 available, according to Con Edison, the city’s utility. They are mostly found in parking garages concentrated in the Midtown area, though they are also scattered around Lower Manhattan and the Upper East Side.

Chargepoint EV Charger

Photo: Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

As yet, there have been few users of the charging stations in New York, said Michael Gubbins, the vice president for residential management of the Albanese Organization, a developer. Albanese has installed charging stations in every one of its city residential properties that have parking garages, including the rental towers Solaire and Verdesian, and the condominium building Visionaire, all in Battery Park City.

“They’re not frequently used, to be honest with you,” Mr. Gubbins said. “And it’s more transient users than your New York-based residents.”

But that could change in the next few years. The number of electric vehicles on the roads will increase significantly in 2012, when more than a dozen manufacturers roll out electric plug-in vehicles and hybrid plug-ins in much larger numbers, said Pat Romano, the chief executive of Coulomb Technologies, a manufacturer of charging stations with a networking software.

The software enables Coulomb to offer a real-time map of charging stations, which can be consulted on the Internet, as well as through an app for mobile phones. The navigation systems in some car models also provide map access.

Source/Full Story: New York Times

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