Frito-Lay Passes Million-Mile Electric Vehicle Milestone

Frito-Lay Passes Million-Mile Electric Vehicle Milestone

Frito-Lay Passes Million-Mile Electric Vehicle Milestone

by Sheila Shayon

Frito-Lay and parent company PepsiCo have a long-standing commitment to environmentalsustainability, and the snack brand has delivered on another milestone as their all-electric trucks have just charged their way to one million miles.


Since going electric late last year, its fleet of 176 trucks by Smith Electric Vehicles has eliminated the need for approximately 200,000 gallons of diesel fuel. The all-electric trucks are used for deliveries on urban routes with fewer daily miles.

As Frito-Lay owns the seventh largest fleet in the U.S. with a total of over 20,000 trucks, the $13 billion convenient foods business holds considerable sway on green issues, and their goal to reduce greenhouse gases and fuel consumption 50% by 2020 is substantial.

“The first million miles with the electric trucks have been a journey of understanding and refining both how and where we use these vehicles, as well as providing input to help improve upon the performance for the next generation vehicle,” said Mike O’Connell, senior director of fleet capability for Frito-Lay North America.

This year Frito-Lay will purchase 100 Newton Series 2000 all-electric commercial vehicles bringing the total number of its electric fleet to more than 280, and a fuel consumption reduction of 500,000 gallons annually.

In addition, the trucks generate zero tailpipe emissions, reduce noise pollution and vehicle CO2 emissions. “As we push to make Frito-Lay’s fleet the most fuel efficient commercial fleet in the U.S., we need to continue to build on our current strategy and look for options to address other types of trucks in the fleet – one of which will be compressed natural gas for our tractor fleet,” adds O’Connell.

Sixty-seven Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tractors to haul large loads will be introduced this spring, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 23% and diesel fuel consumption by more than 900,000 gallons annually.

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