Solar Power in the Film and TV Spotlight

Solar Power in the Film and TV Spotlight

Solar Power in the Film and TV Spotlight

By GetSolar Staff.

Two recent developments in the solar energy industry are adding a splash of tinseltown glory to the renewable energy source. The projects are designed to raise public awareness regarding the eco-friendly electricity supply.

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Using Film to Advertise Solar Energy

A new project by an LA-based nonprofit group is seeking to tap the city’s film industry talent to help promote Los Angeles solar installers and others working on PV energy in the area.

The group Environment California is offering a top prize of $1,500 to the filmmaker who submits the best video promoting the potential of rooftop PV installations in LA. Independent public television station KCET reported that the videos have to specifically promote the city’s solar electricity potential, or talk about how solar power can reduce carbon emissions while also creating a new jobs.

“More than any other city in the country, Los Angeles could benefit from a robust market for rooftop solar power on homes, office buildings, schools, stores, warehouses and parking lots,” Environment California’s website said.

The deadline to enter films is September 21. The public, and a panel of Hollywood producers and celebrities, will have a chance to vote on the top submissions, KCET reported. The second place video will receive $750 and third place gets $250, according to Environment California.

Former Star Television Location Gets Solar Power

University of Hawaii at Manoa recently turned to solar power for its marine biology facility on Coconut Island. The island, located just off the coast of Oahu, is perhaps best known to television fans as the location seen during the opening credits of the show “Gilligan’s Island,” reported.

“Somewhere off in TV land, the Professor Roy Hinkley is smiling,” John Roach wrote for He added later that “Gilligan’s Island fans may recall that Professor Hinkley created a few people-powered contraptions that generated electricity during the run of the television series. The installation of the solar panels should help keep the lights on without the sweat.”

The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on the island will now get some of its electricity from a 260-kilowatt PV installation. The college acquired the power system in part through a power purchase agreement that is expected to save the school up to $2.3 million over the next 20 years, according to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The project is part of the college’s goal to have 25 percent of all of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2025.

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