CNG in Dubai

CNG in Dubai

15 CNG stations in Dubai

Dubai: Motorists in Dubai will be able to choose from 15 stations to fill up their converted cars with compressed natural gas — an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol or diesel — in the next five years, bringing down their carbon footprint at the same time.

During the first International Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Conference held in Dubai on Sunday, Emirates Gas, a subsidiary of Enoc, laid out its plans to supply more than 11,000 cubic metres of natural gas every day for vehicles.

While the majority of government vehicles are being targeted in the initial phase, it is expected that only 20 per cent of private car owners will be encouraged to convert their cars, said Fazal Ali Khan, CNG development manager at Emirates Gas.

Two mother-stations will be located on opposite sides of the city, connected to an existing natural gas pipeline. However, as the pipe’s infrastructure is limited, Emirates Gas will develop smaller daughter-stations that will be refuelled with gas via tankers, said Khan.

Dubai Municipality has already announced it has converted five cars to CNG and will monitor the advantages and disadvantages over the next 12 months. A quantity of CNG provided by Emirates Gas will be earmarked specifically for municipal buses.

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